£5.00 - £10.00

Garages of Minty.Fresh X3

We are proud to bring you the first batch of 3; "Garages of Minty.Fresh" bumper pack!

1x Pine Cone Racing HQ (Owner : MR D)
1x Shoe Box Garage (COLAB House of Rake) (Owner : Pete & Ed)
1x Petrol Donkey (Owner : TK)

Each garage is run by a different member within team Minty.Fresh! Now is your chance to grab a bundle pack of super high quality full print decals.

Packs of 3 (Contains 1 of each Shield) - No re-runs. This is the first in the new line of MF Garage Shields. Later in the year we will be producing a further new 3 shields to go along with these, So why not collect them all!