MFNA801 - Kit

MFNA801 -  Kit

MADE TO ORDER AERO - Please allow up to 8-10 weeks production time. **

4 PIECE GUNDAM AERO KIT (Replacement pieces sold to existing customers)
- 1x Front Bumper. (Plus 2x. Light cover lids)
- 2x Sideskirts
- 1x Rear Bumper

The MFNA801 front bumper comes complete with built in light buckets and seperate lids, but does NOT come with lights. (This is a standard 6x4 size of brick)
If you wish to run the OEM popups or an alternative light, then simply trim the buckets off and sand back.

Although we cannot guarantee a perfect fit due to the age of the cars, we can however say it's close enough. (NA MX5s have OE adjustment in the wings, lights and bonnet to get a snug fit.)

We recommend this kit to be installed by a professional; as some of the easiest of tasks can appear daunting for those who have no experience. (Small scrapes, scratches etc is normal as this product requires prepped and primered before painting. This is not a second hand part. It will not be painted. *COMES IN PINK GEL COAT*)

Please expect up to a 10** week time frame for production of the kit. Followed by shipping times.

If you wish to collect this kit in person (Scotland) then please contact us;

** This is a rough time scale. We are running a small operation and its done in our spare time currently. So please keep this in mind when ordering if you are on a tight dead line. 10 weeks is good working figure but this will depend on work load and time available.